Final Form Entering Early Access Soon

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4 min readJul 20, 2022


The team at Ex Populus is excited to let you know that Ex Populus’ trading card game should be ready for early-access release in a few months.

Pledge your cards and evolve

What is Early Access?

Get early access to Ex Populus games that are in-development so the Ex Populus development team can leverage the community’s early involvement. Early access games evolve rapidly over a short time based in-part on your feedback, and as the development teams update and add content.There are a number of traditional games that have benefited from this approach and Ex Populus believes Web3 communities shouldn’t need to wait so long to get the experiences they desire.

What is the name of the game?

The name of the game is Final Form. We named the game Final Form because the core mechanic in the game is completing small sets of cards and evolving cards to higher rarity tiers.

Please follow our socials as we reveal more about the world of Final Form and share more about how the DAGs and Iron Pigeons ended up in this place and others that may join in the future . . . (hint, its a brand new multi-verse).

What will the Early Access release include?

In the early access release, evolution will be the focus of the game-play, leveraging incremental and idle game mechanics to produce Chromos, the substance required to fuel the evolution of your cards. Players will pledge their cards at an Obelisk that is the focal point of the game-play and based on a variety of factors and decisions you make you will receive Chromos in varying amounts. This Chromos is then leveraged to fuel the evolution of your cards.

Full Decentralization & “Chromos”

The game is fully decentralized. 100% of the game’s logic runs entirely on smart contracts deployed on the Solana Blockchain. We chose to do this because provides access for other development teams to expand on the game without needing coordination or consent from Ex Populus. The cost of taking this fully decentralized approach is that some of the more complex features we discussed in our internal brainstorms will be too expensive or slow to include in the game. Ultimately we feel we can drive the most value to fans of Ex Populus trading cards by taking this approach and as the game experience becomes available — we think you will agree.

Solana & EVM

The game was developed for Solana and you can expect the early access release to be fully available on Solana. Ex Populus is a publisher that has been dedicated to a multi-chain experience from the start so we are leaving the door open to expand to EVM environments later.

Game Clients & In-Game Wallets

The early access version of the game will be a downloadable client that you can run on a PC or Mac. We decided to take this approach because Ex Populus formed to make the high quality experiences. Greater graphical fidelity requires processing power that just isn’t available in web-based games. As a result of this decision, we are also unable to support Phantom wallets in the game. Phantom is made for browsers and they also support iOS and Android apps. We were unable to get Phantom to work in a Unity project that is intended to be a downloadable client on PCs and Macs. As a result, we are leveraging this wallet technology inside of the game:

The wallet is non-custodial, which means Ex Populus will never have access to your seed phrase or private keys. You can make a new wallet from within the game and transfer your trading cards to it, or you can import an existing wallet with a seed phrase. In either case, all of the wallet information is stored on your local machine and entirely within your own control. Finally, if you are concerned about the processing requirements of the game client or have concerns about the wallet, you can interact directly with the smart contracts without needing to leverage the Ex Populus provided front-end game client at all. We will release instructions for how to do that when the early-access game releases.


Its been a fun journey since the first DAGs Valentine’s Day drop earlier this year. As the weeks progress, you can expect a barrage of media to be shared giving you a peak into the final stages of development before the early access release and media from our creative team revealing more about the world and lore of Final Form. Looking forward to our Townhall on Thursday the 21st and your questions. Follow our new Final Form socials below, and if you haven’t, also follow Ex Populus:

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